Achieving Multiple Goals In One Year

Consider how many times your organization has attempted to accomplish multiple goals in one year, while ensuring that leaders and teams are aligned with the same vision and moving in the same strategic direction. How that been easy? Most organizations end up rolling goals to the next year, reducing the year’s success due to unfinished goals.

Successfully achieving multiple goals in one year depends on the depth of the goals, but generally is challenging for organizations – no matter what size.  Especially if your organization is also in transition mode such as a turnaround, transformation and in some cases even bankruptcy.  Organizations operating in this mode can find it difficult to achieve even one major goal – except survival.

The Power of 3 

The power of 3 means maximizing 3 key components of your organization – people, process, productivity – to accomplish your most critical annual goals. By designing focused initiatives for each component,  your organization is in a better positioned to accomplish critical goals.

Using The Components

How do you use the 3 components successfully? By integrating the initiatives developed for each component. The people component focuses on aligning and building leadership and team competence, the process component focuses on improved processes for operational excellence, and the productivity component focuses on measuring effectiveness to increase productivity. Doing this allows you to more effectively focus on driving excellence that will ultimately transform your business.

How Is Your Organization Doing?

What is your organization doing to ensure the goals you selected are achieved in the year you selected? I recommend examining what you’re currently doing. The opportunities you find to increase your success may surprise you!